We are two tenant associations who joined together to defend ourselves against a corporate real estate investment hydra that seeks to expel us from our homes in order to maximize their profits.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Tirade

Today was a day of a lot of noise in 118. Not news to anyone who reads our blog, however today the noise took on a new form. It was the English speaking overseer yelling at the Spanish speaking workers all day. He was saying "What the fuck is wrong with you asshole? Put it over here! Over HERE!! Puta! fuckin bitch. Fuckin Faggot! Fuckin Maricon, you're a fuckin maricon, What the fuck am I payin you for?, Prick!,  Fuckin Cocksucker!" These phrases all day long. All day long in various combinations. Absolutely relentless! I really did think there was going to be a physical confrontation. I thought that physical confrontation was gonna come directly from the overseer. The workers that speak only Spanish, are clearly undocumented. Not to fear, I'm not gonna get all Newt Gingrich on everyone. What I want to get at is this. These workers, aside from being abused and paid next to nothing were mostly teenage boys. The overseer was treating teenage boys in this manner today here at 118 East 4th St. There have been 2 teenage boys working on the roof of this building the past 2 days, completely unsupervised. If one of them gets injured or falls off the roof, well, I don't know. What I do know as a fact is this, if one them gets injured the overseer will just chuck em, and get another to fill the vacancy. 


  1. There is another issue besides the one of the exploitation of the workers. It doesn't feel good to know that these are the inexperienced people who are doing the work on the buildings, working with the plumbing and electrical systems... These are the managers and the workers who are causing the problems we are experiencing,the cut telephone lines and the ceiling cave-ins and the work that gets done and redone again and again to the nuisance of the tenants. Even the clean-up of dust and rubble doesn't get done in a satisfactory way. Caramba!

    1. Really good point. Not to mention it sounds like not just illegal employment re: underaged workers is going on, but they're being verbally abused by their horrifying manager. Yet ANOTHER example of the Josh Whoever He Is Slepian-Evans-Slimebag and Co.'s great business at work. God I hope there's karma here. Please please please lord, let there be.

  2. That is disgraceful!

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