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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blood & Dust, Dust & Blood

I've talked to a few tenants and we've all been having a lot of bloody noses lately. Some more than others. The kind you get when the heat goes on and the air in the apartment gets a bit dry, but then you adjust. But I haven't been able to adjust to it this season, and I think its the chunky white dust, and the powder like dark grey dust. Then there is the dark brown stuff that just looks like top soil rinsed in pesticides. I think this dust is getting into all of us, penetrating our bodily defenses, and affecting our health in a very negative way. 

I definitely feel the junk in my chest, in my lungs. I know of someone that got ill and had to leave for a few weeks and live with a relative in Brooklyn to recover. I am not at liberty to reveal more on the situation as I write this post

The next photo shows two days of dust and rubble. Rubble is the more appropriate word on certain days. On the left is the chunky white dust/ rubble. I cleaned it up, and the following day the dark top soil like debris drenched in pesticides invaded the apartment. I was able to get them to remove the dangling electrical wires in the meantime.

I know for certain the heat is not the culprit for the bleeding noses around here. My nose bled quite a few times the past two days, and there has been no heat in the building for the past two days. I've been freezing my keester off with a bloody nose for two days in a row.

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