We are two tenant associations who joined together to defend ourselves against a corporate real estate investment hydra that seeks to expel us from our homes in order to maximize their profits.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Collapse At 86 East 4th Street

There was a collapse of a landing of a stair on the 3rd floor, due to construction going on in the building. A quote from a TA member that was there and took the photos.

"Yesterday around 4pm a woman was leaving and stepped on a landing in the stairway and fell through to the next floor. She was carried out in a stretcher and four fire trucks showed up. The firemen built a temporary landing before leaving. It was a mess, to put it lightly.
Even though this is not a Ben Shaoul building, the same construction crew is being used"

The infamous Shalom family own 86 E4th St. It is rumored that they are related as cousins to  Ben Shaoul.

"This is when they began building a temporary platform for the stairway. The thing about this is that there were tons of cops and firemen around, but none of them were asking questions of the construction crew, unless they were doing that inside. I didn't see any workers going in or out of the building, and I'm guessing they ran as soon as the accident occurred. So basically a woman is in the hospital and no one was held accountable. She will sue, no doubt, but that will be in court for years."

If the workers there did flee the scene, it would not be a surprise. All of the workers in these buildings on East 4th Street are undocumented laborers. We are not getting all Republican on this issue, just stating a fact. Another issue with these workers is that there is very little supervision of the work going on at any given moment. One can see the name of a foreman on the paper work posted in our buildings, but one would be hard pressed to actually locate that person on the premises during work hours.

How many injuries and deaths will it take for the media and the law to take notice?
I think lots and lots and LOTS of injuries and deaths.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Color Photography

This is what it looks like on the inside of 118 and 120 East 4th Street. Magnum Mgmt has finished their "improvements" to the public spaces in these 2 buildings. These are not black and white photos.

This is what it looked like pre-Magnum make over. There was construction going on as one can see in the photo, but it was preferable to the ugly, grey, oppressive George Orwell 1984 look.

These are the hand made tiles that have been destroyed by Magnum Real Estate Management. Magnum and other Real Estate Developers are buying up lots of buildings in the East Village and in Little Italy. They are destroying all of this sort of historic handmade workmanship that lives within the walls of these old buildings. These Real Estate Developers/ Destroyers ought to be prevented from destroying the beautiful historic public spaces of New York City.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Taylor Mead still loves the neighborhood

Taylor Mead still loves the neighborhood

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Cranes And School Busses

Fortune East enlisted the use of cranes on East 4th Street, on the  morning of June the 12th. The work permits online prohibit the use of cranes. When our Tenant Assoc. questioned the use of them in the past, the response was one of surprise. The operators of these giant machines seemed a bit miffed that we were paying attention to their activities. The operator awkwardly searched for words to describe the large piece of machinery he was manning, " Ummmm, we don't call it a crane..... Ummm we call it a Boom". 

On Its way up to the 6th floor.
More school Busses full of children arrive.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Trash & Consequences

This group of photographs and quote are from one of our Tenant Assoc members.

"To prospective buyers.   Here's what your beautiful building often looks like during the day and night.  This is what an EV building owner can expect for a $ 25 million value. 
Ben, Magnum misManagement company forced our excellent super out of our building (against present city laws) so to have yet one more space to make monthly profit.   We still have our super, but he had to find his own accomodations, several blocks away.     The new tenents, most being transient, don't seem to have an interest in learning how to keep our garbage.   
Moving him out has had clear consequences.  Management will blame him, but no way.   When living on the premises, our super was on top of it constantly.   He still works as hard as any super can, and the best we've had in most aspects.  He's reliable and cares about cleanthiness, but it's impossible to keep up with the piles when not living here.  And since Magnum has arrived to make this a better place for all, this is what we daily come home to."

There were 4 bins for the garbage. Magnum has removed 2 of the garbage bins. Those were for the recycling. Now there is no place to put our recyclable materials. This must be some sort of violation.