We are two tenant associations who joined together to defend ourselves against a corporate real estate investment hydra that seeks to expel us from our homes in order to maximize their profits.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Paint Fumes

Today the halls are being painted. Actually, I should say that they are being re-painted. There's the paint, the paint thinner, paint remover, cleaning solvents. The fumes are so thick, I can feel a soreness in my chest. I think I will need to leave the apartment.

The toxic fumes were so intense that they set off the newly installed smoke alarms covered in the plastic they were packaged in, on all floors throughout the building. I'm not sure why the workers didn't just turn them off. Instead they continuously beeped loudly for hours. 


  1. The fumes are so strong I feel it in my liver.

  2. The painters were literally slapping a coat of primer over the top of the dust on my door. There were designs drawn in the dust it was so thick and it wasn't even wiped off before they started to paint.

  3. The painters are painting over the dirt on my door too! Mgmt doesn't do anything to ventilate. It sucks that the Magnum Mgmt doesn't even put up a notice to warn that they will be painting the entire inside of the building.

  4. my door was not cleaned either before a layer of paint was put on. If you light the gas stove to cook the smell changes into something worse.
    I think I'll leave for the rest of the day.

  5. Ugh! I’m a tenant in 120 and the paint fumes were choking me this morning. Despite the box fan that I have in my window blowing OUT! But that’s not what really pissed me off. This morning a worker had a shop vac in the hallway. What’s that you say? That doesn’t seem like a bad thing? What you don’t know is that for more than a year, as fine white dust settled onto our walls, under our doors, and into our lungs, these f*ckers have had a shop vac???? Yes, of course I figured they had one…BUT THIS IS THE VERY FIRST TIME I HAVE EVER SEEN ONE EMPLOYED HERE!!! I’m not home watching the workers 24/7 that’s true, but I have managed to see the jackhammers, the circular saws, the brick cutters, I’ve seen the cement trucks, the cranes, the garbage trucks, I’ve seen the electricians, the tile layers, the gutters, I’ve seen a lot…but how could I have NEVER have seen a shop vac? Am I going on about this? Listen, I got so much white dust in my apartment Al Paccino called. He’s scouting locations for Scarface II: Resurrection!!!

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