We are two tenant associations who joined together to defend ourselves against a corporate real estate investment hydra that seeks to expel us from our homes in order to maximize their profits.

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Death Letter

 On December 9, 2011, an apartment on the ground floor of 120 East 4th Street was being gutted. The telephone risers to that  part of the building were cut and removed without explanation. The risers are the metal protective cases that house and protect the phone lines throughout the building. There was a question as to whether it was a Federal offense of just a stupid mistake. Verizon, when contacted, said it was the responsibility of the owner to maintain the risers. Its unclear whether Verizon, or Magnum Real Estate Group took responsibility. It was not until January 5, 2012, that Verizon began to install a wire from the roof to the basement to restore service. This wire, currently flopping about in the wind unprotected from the elements, is apparently a temporary solution. One of the tenants disconnected was Rocky. Rocky is one of our retired seniors and a lovelier man cannot be found. He is a quiet, gracious, generous neighbor who puts the gentle in gentleman. On January 10, Rocky received a letter in the mail from a nursing home in one of the outer boroughs where his beloved sister Esme resided. Rocky called Esme frequently and visited often. The letter stated that Esme suddenly became very ill and passed away on January 1st. The nursing home had tried repeatedly to call Rocky without success. They resorted to sending him a letter. She had passed alone without the comfort of family at her side. In addition to not receiving the news of his sister's illness and death when he should have, Rocky had to make all the wake and funeral arrangements from a pay phone on the corner. We cannot put into words our feelings of utter helplessness and sorrow we felt when we learned of his loss. Rocky's "ticket" was one of the last to addressed on the Verizon queue. The phone service to his apartment was not restored until January 25, 2012. Rock had been without phone service for 48 days.


  1. I found this post from EVGrieve. I'm so, so sorry for Rocky. Is there perhaps an address to send a condolence card to him?

  2. I am very happy to see this blog and I truly hope that many more follow. hats off to you guys and best of luck with everything. we've got your back!!!
    *power to the people*

  3. Sorry to hear about your neighbor's loss. Corporate America at its finest once again. Hope Verizon sent a condolence card to Rocky.

  4. Please let us know where we can send a card. This is terrible!

  5. So what is being done to repair the lines? Other than the "temporary" fix Verizon rigged up.

    1. Please know that you all have a lot of support behind you - although I'm no longer living in the NYC area, I'll be happy to add your blog to mine. This sort of greed and coldness is all too prevalent in the City now - here's to you, for bringing attention to your situation. Keep fighting the good fight!