We are two tenant associations who joined together to defend ourselves against a corporate real estate investment hydra that seeks to expel us from our homes in order to maximize their profits.

Friday, March 2, 2012


HOW MANY MORE BUILDINGS do Ben Shaoul and his shadow companies control? We've discovered 5 more definite addresses to add to our list, but we know that Shaoul's company Magnum advertises rental apartments at other addresses. It is a pity to know that very many tenants are subject to the indifference and neglect of these "managers". Tenants should be warned away from buildings managed by Fortune East, Magnum Real Estate Services, and PVE Associates.

We are updating our Map and Violations page and invite our readers to inform us of other buildings and/or building conditions at the Shaoul properties. Please email East4thJane with information.

Here is a taste of what tenants say:

>deceptive, undelivered services and promises, inadequate appliances, unavailable super, invasive of privacy, litigious
"They're disgusting, vile people and should be reported as many times as humanly possible. Total scum."

>unavailable, charge illegal rents, leave services like buzzers broken for months, ineffective about coordinating services, hide their physical location
"Never, ever rent from them. Ever."

>wouldn't make repairs or needed maintenance until tenants hired a lawyer, bloody noses from construction dust, invasion of privacy
"DO NOT live in a building operated by magnum management. They are the most incompetent, irresponsible and unpleasant property owners in new york...
...Magnum Management is a HORRIFIC management company and I strongly suggest you reconsider leasing any apartment managed by them."

>did not respond when the super robbed many apartments, no heat or hot water

>cheated tenant out of credit for his property
"Magnum Management is one of the most poorly run real estate companies in NYC. Not only do they hire completely incompetent staff, they basically treat their tenants like crap...These people are professional crooks."

>"Do NOT make the mistake of living in a magnum rental."<


  1. Wow, it did not occur to me to post a review on Yelp! I will do so NOW!

    1. These guys are smoozers... they come across as very affable, nice, positive. Truth be told... they think nothing of lying, and if they can get more money for your apartment in anyway... they will. I've seen many a tenant leave in tears.... others in disgust, several in total shock, as they trusted these people of Fortune East, Magnum, PVE, Meadow Partners, and all the other many names they give themselves..... same folks. And your agent will tell you as he shows you the apartment "For some reason people love this building, love living here." We did before these guys destroyed everything they touch, were consistently rude and cared less.
      Beware. Your check gets mailed to a PO box, then off to a processing center states away, then probably overseas.... who knows, but not your community...

    2. So glad to see these tenants feeling free to speak out against slumlords like Shaoul! The internet has its flaws, but in turn provides such a great platform for these experiences to be shared - it's great, in my opinion. Having dealt with a terrible slumlord a few years back, I'm all for this sharing of information. Behind you all the way!

    3. Keep it going, Occupy East 4th St. I didn't think of this either, great great idea. I would like nothing better than to help other people avoid dealing with these scumbags.

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