We are two tenant associations who joined together to defend ourselves against a corporate real estate investment hydra that seeks to expel us from our homes in order to maximize their profits.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Some reviews of Westminster Management. 

Owner Jared Kushner.


  1. I live in a WM building in the EV. I've lived here since 1971. I never seen so much garbage. Even in the heyday of the crack and heroin epidemic the sidewalks were cleaner. They used to call the owners of the buildings back then slum lords. WM is a SLUM LORD. Back in the 70s and 80s the EV had rough edges, but the buildings were owned by families. Maybe some were a little neglected. But now with these Slum Lords like Kushner owning hundreds of buildings there is no management of the properties at all. Nothing maintained. Nothing cared for. Not even benign neglect. Lots of garbage. Mountains of GARBAGE. The EV is like a landfill. Why so much garbage?

    1. Surely it's because there's a super with many buildings supervising a porter who also works in many buildings. And the Sanitation Department is stricter about garbage in FRONT of the building, but does not have rules for garbage in public areas within the building. The rules do little to help the tenants, but things look better for The Tourists.

    2. Yes, things look better for the tourists. The porter and super may be overworked, but surely there's so much garbage because there are too many people living in these often illegally subdivided spaces (my building's population tripled after Shaoul's work), plus all the parties, plus all the deliveries amount to more than usual garbage. Are there many more people living in your buildings now, too?

      Maybe Kushner and NYU should get together and work out a plan of garbage management, pickup, and cleaning. And really, colleges should not be turning their immature students loose on the city. If they can't house them in their existing dorms, they should shrink their enrollment and can their expansion plans. Don't the administrators already make enough money that they shouldn't have to run their operation like an exploitative growth industry?

    3. 1. It's cheaper to rent an apartment and cook/take out. And they can sublet over the summer!
      2. Yes, many more people. Another cause. But it is what it is, the buildings need more manpower, and a super who lived in an apartment looking out at the courtyard wouldn't tolerate the mess, let alone the vermin.

    4. Not enough Red Tailed Hawks to curtail the vermin.

    5. I'll take the rodent vermin over the Real Estate vermin. One is a part of the natural order, the other not.

  2. Hedge fund Doosh Bag SCUM.

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