We are two tenant associations who joined together to defend ourselves against a corporate real estate investment hydra that seeks to expel us from our homes in order to maximize their profits.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

It's Official, Magnum and East 4th St. Split

This letter was posted in the lobby of 118 East 4th St with scotch tape on Thursday April 18th. What is especially strange about this letter, is the fact that after nearly 2 years of letters from the Mgmt, this is the first letter to have a date, a name, a signature, and correct, honest, and useful information.

Its official, Ben Shaoul and East 4th street are to part ways.


  1. That song is about a rat, right?

    1. Say Goodnight GracieApril 22, 2013 at 2:42 PM

      What did a rat ever do to us?

    2. Yes a rat with a taste for human flesh.

  2. But the date is wrong: this notice came more than a week after the change in ownership/management, and tenants were not advised in a timely manner of the changeover and new telephone numbers. Also, contrary to the claim on this sheet of paper, tenants were not notified "By Certified Mail".

    But pickiness aside, the question is when will the new management start to really provide good management?

  3. Yes, and while I cannot prove anything....I am pretty sure the Fortune East turned off the heat before they left. Just as a good-bye fuck you to all their loving tenants. Yeah, we loved you too, FUCKTARDS!

  4. Yeah Ben Shaoul is a fuckin rat. He deserves a fate worse than those old people in hospice at Cabrini that he put out on the street.

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