We are two tenant associations who joined together to defend ourselves against a corporate real estate investment hydra that seeks to expel us from our homes in order to maximize their profits.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Thoughts On "Taking The Village"

Thoughts and feelings concerning the NY Times article on Ben Shaoul, "Taking The Village" run the gamut here on East 4th St. There are some facts however that must be corrected immediately.
Here is a quote from the story:
This is incorrect. The NYTimes story omitted the STOP WORK order issued for 118 East 4th, for working without a permit. Our blog posted this here. Also, there are numerous complaints and infractions for our buildings listed on the DOB website. Far too numerous to list here, but they are on public view at the DOB website. Our tenant association went to Housing Court over these issues and things were settled in favor of the tenants.

The NYTimes story did not convey the problem with the Department Of Buildings. DOB might not show up to inspect until a week or more after tenants reported a violation. The violation may not be apparent by then. We tenants have recorded photographic and video evidence of these violations, but DOB does not take these into account.

Another serious issue not covered in the story is the issue of "Josh". You will see his name mentioned in some of the comments to the New York Times story. Josh works for Ben. Usually he does not give his last name, but if he does, Josh will say he is Josh Evans, or Josh Greene. This is false. His name is Josh Slepian. He is the one that will knock on your door and try to gain entrance to your apartment by telling you lies. He will say he owns the building. This is a lie. He will tell you that he does not know Ben. A lie.  He has followed tenants down the block on their way to work, grilling them for information on them, and on other tenants. He is the one that has menaced the seniors citizens in our buildings.

Regarding Mr. Shaoul's claim that we are resistant to change. A quote from a TA member:

"I think the article makes a few decent points, but it doesn't address the long-term impact of people who share Ben's philosophy on the neighborhoods they invade.  It can't simply be written off as "resistance to change" when long-term residents and vital members of the community (and I emphasize community) are being driven from their homes by profit-mongering sleazebags without any ties (aside from a singular financial interest) to our city.  When did wanting to continue living in our apartments become some kind of pathological inability to accept 'progress'?"

Regarding Mr. Shaoul's "Hurt feelings".  Another TA member quote:

"Ben complaining about "hurt feelings" is like Jack The Ripper complaining about ruining his manicure while dismembering a victim."

There is more to the story covered by the New York Times. A lot of it is in the pages of this blog.


  1. Can't believe this guy Shaoul. He's been menacing Senior Citizens where you live? What's this guy got against the elderly? Closing Cabrini and throwing those old people out on the street is like Ebenezer Scrooge. This should not be allowed in USA. My friend Judith had an Aunt in there and she said there were some people in there that fought in WW2 and in Korea, One of them escaped the Holocaust and look how they get treated. Shaoul must say," sure you fought in the war, but what have you done for me lately. Gimme more money or get the fuck out." Very despicable loathsome creature.

  2. Ben Shaoul is clearly a "bad actor" as Rosie Mendez described him. The IRS should look into him and his activities.

  3. How was it that the New York Times missed this crucial piece of information? How could they let Mr. Shaoul state that there were no violations at 118 and 120 East 4th St, when there were many violations? If the Times knew this bit of fact they should have challenged his false statement. The group of tenants that met with the reporter at Whole Foods must have discussed this issue.

    1. The group of tenants that met with the Times reporter did discuss this issue at length, and in great detail.

  4. Yes, the IRS should look into this character. Sometimes thats the only way you bring down this kinda doosh-bag. That's how they got Capone.

  5. You guys should call the NY Times and correct them; maybe they will print a correction, and online at least the correction will run at the bottom of the article (and therefore be the last word instead of giving that evil fuck the last word).

    1. Thanks for the great idea JM.

  6. Surely, we can organize mass information spreading exercises regarding the Magnum Group, Ben Shaoul (the exemplar of un-enlightened, anachronistic property owners in NYC)and his wannabe henchman, the fratboy South Florida transplant Josh Slepian, who at the tender age of 24, finds it necessary to use multiple aliases (how fucked up, cowardly and pathetic is that?

  7. Yes! any ideas you have on getting the word out on these Shady people, would be most appreciated.

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