We are two tenant associations who joined together to defend ourselves against a corporate real estate investment hydra that seeks to expel us from our homes in order to maximize their profits.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Year No Gas

We are sailing into the new year without gas to cook with. Westminster Mgmt slid a note under our doors requesting us to be here on Monday the 4th for an inspection from Con Edison. We all juggled our schedules or gave a key to a neighbor if we could not be here. The note said that Con Ed needed access to all apartments. Monday arrives and Con Edison only looks at 3 apartments, and makes a lot of noise in the basement. They say it will be 2 more weeks until there is some movement towards turning the gas back on.

We were hit with a blast of winter on monday night. The heat that Westminster provides is anemic at best. The chill in the air  inside the apartments of 118 East 4th St. on Tuesday morning was rather brutal. 

The heat was pumped up sometime during the day on Tuesday. The amped up heat is a welcome relief from the freezing conditions outside. One problem however. There is no moderation. Its been blasting at full strength for almost 2 days. Stupid amount of heat. We don't really need cooking gas now. We can all cook on the red hot radiators. There is no Super living on site here. No Super within miles of the building. So the over worked boiler will presumably go unmonitored and unadjusted. Perhaps another visit from the NYFD will make the proper adjustments usually performed by a Super before things go off the rails. 


  1. Right now the temperature in my apt is 84 degrees! and that is with the radiators turned off. But they are not really off. The heat is forcing itself through. I sure hope the boiler don't blow. Don't want to end up like the tenants at 7th and 2nd. Westminster Miss-Management.

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