We are two tenant associations who joined together to defend ourselves against a corporate real estate investment hydra that seeks to expel us from our homes in order to maximize their profits.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Vanishing City

Jensenko Productions LLC. a FIORE DeROSA and JEN SENKO Picture,
Narrated by KATHRYN ERBE,  (2010,  55 minutes)
WHEN:  Sunday February 5th, 2012  1;15 pm
WHERE:  Community Church NY, Gallery Room, 28 East 35th st. btwn Park &
ADMISSION: Free, donations appreciated

This is the film that everyone who lives in  New York City should see.

Regulars to RESISTANCE CINEMA know that through film we have taken our
audience all around the world from the remote jungles of the Amazon to
the Capitals of the industrialized world, from behind the scenes of the
largest financial institutions on Wall Street to a simple market in a
remote rural village. Today we come home. At the center of the camera's
eye is our own beloved New York City. Is New York a "vanishing city"? 

The Vanishing City exposes and explains how CEO Mayor Michael
Bloomberg's master PlaNYC rigged the system in favor of the 1% by
giving billions of dollars in tax subsidies to luxury developers and
providing huge tax deals to Wall Street.  In the process, he created a
concentration of wealth not seen since the Great Depression. Manhattan
now has the largest disparity of wealth between the rich and the poor
in the entire country. The film shows how Bloomberg's administration
pushed through exclusive policies in spite of outcries, demonstrations,
organized objections, and most often, without even the knowledge of
most New Yorkers, who were arrogantly left out of the process.

Told through the eyes of tenants, city planners, business owners,
scholars, and politicians, The Vanishing City shows the real politic
behind the alarming disappearance of New York's beloved neighborhoods,
the truth about its finance-dominated economy, and the myth of
"inevitable change." Artfully documented through interviews, hearings,
demonstrations, and archival footage, the film takes a sober look at
the city's "luxury" policies and high-end development, the power role
of the elite, and accusations of corruption surrounding land use and
rezoning. The film also links New York trends to other global cities
where multinational corporations continue to victimize the middle and
working classes. 

DORIS DIETHER:  Taught a 5-week intensive AIA accredited zoning course
at Municipal Arts Society and CUNY. Worked with local citizen groups in
Brooklyn, Tribecca, East Village, Chinatown and Upper East Side
Coalition mostly to prevent inappropriate projects and preserve the
neighborhoods.  Longest serving member of a community board in
Manhattan and presently co-chair of the landmarks committee.  Recipient
of awards and proclamations from Manhattan Borough president, City
Council, Assembly and State Senate representatives, New York
Preservation Archive Project Historic District Council and GVSHP. 

FIORE DeROSA, co-director and a producer of "The Vanishing City," is a
long time lower Manhattan resident and an award winning film and
theater director. With Hunger Theater, his production of "American
Buffalo" won The GoldenCockerel Award for best play in the  2000
Edinburgh film festival.

JEN SENKO is an award-winning filmmaker and a long-time Soho resident.
She started her LLC, JSenko Productions, in order to produce a number
of independent films. In fall 2006 she was the casting director for the
Latino short "La Chiva".  Senko directed a political two-minute short
in November 2006 called "Jesus Cares. Guess Who Doesn't."   


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