We are two tenant associations who joined together to defend ourselves against a corporate real estate investment hydra that seeks to expel us from our homes in order to maximize their profits.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Demolition Overflow

The demolition of an apartment at 118 was so aggressive that there was a partial collapse of the floor into the apartment below.


  1. Whoa! Judging from the white tile, it looks like the damaged apartment has been renovated in the past few years, so it's not like it's an old tired "vintage" place. My point is, that must have been some VIGOROUS work being done to cause so much damage.

  2. That is ridiculous! How can you judge the state the apartment was in by the tile? Stop complaining! If you don't like where your living RausKlaus, then you have the option to move. Just like the rest of us!

    1. Not complaining Paula, I don't live there. I know someone in 120 and they have the same funky blue tiling that the hallways have. Probably done at the same time. Though I'm guessing that if your ceiling fell in like this one, you'd find a little complaining justifiable.

    2. Paula, do you even realize that the point of this blog is to bring attention to the abuse by a slumlord toward rent-controlled tenants, many of whom are senior citizens? Attitudes like yours are an enormous part of why NYC is becoming so prohibitively expensive/unwelcoming toward creative/hardworking/middle-class citizens - exactly the people who have historically made the City such a unique, cultural gift. Without these residents, their experiences, efforts and contributions, NYC is soulless. Much like your ignorant comment, come to think of it.

  3. Paula98-Who are the "us" in "the rest of us"? Not everybody has the time and money to just up and find a new place. AND a tenant shouldn't have to move because the landlord isn't running the building as they should! How about staying and demanding fair and decent treatment? Go back to your gated community and leave New York to the real New Yorkers!

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